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Aquarium Cleaning & Maintenance
Custom Built Aquariums
Aquarium Relocation
Aquarium Cleaning
Aquarium Cleaning Sevenoaks
As well as maintaining your Aquarium to make sure it stays in the best condition possible, having your tank cleaned is the second vital task needed to be done.

Aquarium cleaning is not done on a regular basis like the maintenance, but will help play a vital part in the up keep of your tank.

It’s probably the only time your Aquarium goes back to the basic shell while being cleaned.

The tank gets a build up of fish waste, old plants, algae and other dirt which settles on the bottom. After time the filters get dirtier quicker and need cleaning more often, this is because of the dirt and waste build up.                           

Aquarium Cleaning Sevenoaks
These are just some of the processes when your tank is cleaned:

Remove the fish and plants from the tank and put into holding tanks.
Scrub the tank of algae and remove all the waster and dirt.
Service the pump and filtration system.
Service the UVC.
Re-fill the tank with part original water and part tap water.
Condition water.
Put the fish and plants back into the tank.
Medicate fish if necessary.                                                       

Aquarium Maintenance
We offer Aquarium maintenance throughout Kent, Surrey fand West Sussex for all tank sizes no matter how big or small. From 50L to 2000L all maintenance is undertaken. 
Regular Aquarium maintenance is an important part of maintaining a great looking tank and ensuring the best water quality for your fish to live in. In return, the fish maintain better health and have a clean and safe environment to swim in. Aquarium plants will also thrive and grow well in a well maintained tank with good water quality.
We can offer regular maintenance for your Aquarium on a 
Monthly, Quarterly or Annual basis, whichever suits your tank needs.
We will make sure your Aquarium looks wonderful all year round.
We care about all the maintenance work that is carried out and will ensure a professional outcome every time.
Aquarium Cleaning Sevenoaks
These are just some of the maintenance services we provide:
Water Change (About / Upto 50%)
Vacuum where necessary
Clean Algae
Filtration Cleaning
Servicing of Pumps
Service of UVC's and Bulb Changes
Plant Care
Water Quality and Testing
Fish Health                                                    

Aquarium Cleaning Sevenoaks
Custom Built Aquariums
Aquarium Cleaning Sevenoaks
By working closely with Architects, Interior Designers and Builders we can create a unique aquarium from start to finish using only quality materials, to strict specifications. The end result is a quality piece individually designed and installed to the highest standard.

But our services do not stop there. For those who require ongoing maintenance of their aquarium, our comprehensive range of packages ensure that we have an option to suit everyone.

We offer a FREE no obligation site visit, ideal for those considering commissioning a custom built fish tank.                                                  

MATERIALS: Glass or acrylic subject to size and technical constraints of aquarium

LIVESTOCK: Coldwater, tropical,     DELIVERY: Price on application,    PRICING: Costings start from £1500.00
Aquarium Relocation
No need to leave your fish behind

There comes a time in all our lives when we have to up and move. With our aquarium relocation services we take the stress and the hassle of moving your prized specimins and tank. We offer a full service where we can dismantle your tank, move it to your new address and rebuild it. If you need an aquarium moving, contact us for a specialist quote and we'll be only too happy to help.
Tank Couriers

If you're looking at just moving a tank and need specialist people who are fully insured to take your tank from one place to another. 
Aquarium Cleaning Sevenoaks

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