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Pond Cleaning & Maintenance
Pond Building & Construction
Pond Leaks & Repairs
Pond Cleaning
Pond Cleaning Sevenoaks
As well as maintaining your pond to make sure it stays in the best condition possible, having your pond cleaned is the second vital task needed to be done.

Pond cleaning is not done on a regular basis like the maintenance, but will help play a vital part in the up keep of your pond.

It’s probably the only time your pond goes back to the basic shell while being cleaned.

The pond gets a build up of fish waste, old plants, algae and other dirt which settles on the bottom. After time the filters get dirtier quicker and need cleaning more often, this is because of the dirt and waste build up.                     

Pond Cleaning Sevenoaks
These are just some of the processes when your pond is cleaned:

Remove the fish and plants from the pond and put into holding tanks.
Scrub the pond of algae and remove all the waste and dirt.
Service the pump and filtration system.
Service the UVC.
Re-fill the pond with part original water and part tap water.
Condition water.
Put the fish and plants back into the pond.
Medicate fish if necessary.                                                                                                 
Fish Health                                                    

Pond Maintenance
Regular pond maintenance is an important part of maintaining a great looking pond and ensuring the best water quality for your fish to live in. In return the fish maintain better health and have a clean and safe environment to swim in. Pond plants will also thrive and grow well in a well maintained pond with good water quality.

We can offer regular maintenance for your pond on a 
Monthly, Quarterly or Annual basis, 
whichever suits your ponds needs.

We will make sure your pond looks wonderful all year round.
Pond Maintenance Sevenoaks
These are just some of the maintenance services we provide:

Water Change (About 25%)
Vacuum where necessary
Filtration Cleaning
Servicing of Pumps
Service of UVC's and Bulb Changes
Plant Care
Water Quality and Testing
Fish Health                                                 

Pond Maintenance Sevenoaks
Pond Building & Construction 
Pond Building & Construction Sevenoaks

A pond doesn’t have to be on a great scale to keep fish; as long as the fish and plants have room to grow they will be happy.

Whether you’re thinking of having a pond built or you would like to change your existing pond, we can design and construct this for you.

We like to have your suggestions and ideas when building your new pond or altering your existing pond.
Working together is a vital part in making sure you have exactly the design you would like. We will make suggestions and give you an idea of what your pond will look like when finished.

We will let you know the complete process from start to finish. At each stage we will discuss what has been constructed so far and make sure you are happy.

The most important thing is that the design is what you wanted and looks great when completed
Pond Leaks & Repairs
What do you need to do? Nothing! 

This is the easy bit. Let gravity and water take their course and see where the dropping water level finally rests. This marks the level where we suspect the leak will be. All you then have to do is call us and we will come round and inspect the pond, locate the leak, repair the leak and leave with your pond the way it used to be! 

A variety of ponds and materials able to be repaired are:

Fibreglass Coated Blockwork
Pond Liners
Bog Areas and Sunken Rockwork
Leaking Pipework 
Pond Leaks & Repairs Sevenoaks

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